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ICCASA assists through strategic partnerships and collaborative capacitation initiatives with South African industries and organizations that are seeking to implement global best practices to achieve industry excellence and obtain compliance through ISO management system certification.


ICCASA focuses on the core mandate of the Industrial Policy Action Plan (IPAP) which seeks to address the challenges related to the persistent skills deficits and mismatches, specifically in critical sectors of the productive economy which continue to hamper industrial and technological development.


We offer your organization both professional and structured audits that are tailored and focused on your business operations in order to ensure tangible value-adding benefits that positively impact your organization’s performance and supports organization’s strategic intent.

Certified Companies

Search the ICCASA directory to find companies that are ICCASA certified clients and easily view valid certificates.

Social Upliftment

We are committed to social upliftment and community engagement and we aim to conduct meaningful business practices through supporting initiatives that benefit society and improve the quality of life in the very communities which we live and work in.

How We Work

We provide impartial and credible third-party certification

ISO management system standards are strategic tools and guidelines which assist in ensuring that your business operations are as efficient as possible, leading to increased productivity and access to new markets.

SANAS and IAF Internationally Accepted Certification

Generic Management System Implementation Toolkits

Auditors that Industry Experts with Relevant Sector Experience

ISO/SANS Management System Standards Training

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Offer Value-added First Party and Second Party Auditing Services

Conduct ISO 17024 Implementation and Compliance Audits

Offer OHS Compliance as well as Environmental Legal Compliance Audits

Conduct ISO 17025 Compliance Audits