Second-Party Audits

Auditing Services

ICCASA offers value-adding auditing services which include second-party supplier audits.



Supplier audits result in better contractor management and improved safety and sustainability performance amongst your suppliers.  This leads to contractors closely aligning with your compliance standards. This results in continuous quality improvement.


ISO/IEC 17024 – (Conformity Assessment — General Requirements for Bodies Operating Certification of Persons) offers you as a professional body, credible and internationally- recognized accreditation, as well as offers your members professional certification that is also credible and internationally recognized. 

ICCASA has specialized technical expertise that can help your professional body achieve ISO/IEC 17024 accreditation.

Second-Party Audits


Quality control and contract specifications compliance is an important part of the supply chain process, whether it relates to quality of raw materials and parts, quality inspections during the manufacturing process, or quality checks before goods are despatched to the customer. 

It is crucial that critical suppliers are controlled to ensure these subcontractor processes meet relevant standards and regulations. Suppliers impact quality at the root level and supplier audits will improve organizational processes and address quality at this root level, to avoid encountering the same challenges multiple times, resulting in delays and additional costs.

ICCASA offers clients value-adding auditing services through assisting organizations in performing second-party audits on their suppliers


ICCASA offers clients value-adding auditing services

ICCASA Auditors will verify that your suppliers/subcontractors are meeting these important quality requirements. These requirements may include special control over certain processes, requirements on traceability of parts, requirements for special cleanliness standards, requirements for specific documentation, etc.

These audits can be done on-site by reviewing the processes in addition to off-site review of documents submitted by the supplier. It is important to understand that a second-party audit is between the customer and the supplier and has nothing to do with becoming certified.