ICCASA proudly held its ICCASA awards evening at an elegant gala dinner that was attended by its valued clients.  The highlights of the annual evening event were the handing out of ICCASA Excellence Awards.  The event is a special opportunity for ICCASA to appreciate our clients and to encourage industry networking and to demonstrate the value and return on investment that credible accredited ICCASA ISO Certification conveys to an organization. 

ICCASA ISO Certification

ISO accredited certification not only sets your organization apart from its competitors but shows your clients and stakeholders that your organization’s operations are conducted at a global best practice level, through internationally accepted ICCASA ISO certification. Your ISO certification carries global recognition through the International Accreditation Forum (IAF).

ICCASA ISO Certification is not merely a tick-in-the-box checklist audit.  At ICCASA, we are serious about adding value and regard our clients as valued partners in stimulating the economy through sustainable economic growth.  Continual improvement through accredited ICCASA ISO Certification for your products and services offered, ensures that together, we push the boundaries of industry growth, professionalism, credibility and excellence.

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